The Department of Economics at Fu Jen Catholic University was established in 1962, when the University was re-established in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Over its long history, the faculty in the Department held the belief that a university is a place for learning, not only for its students, but also for its faculty. Because of that belief, the Department has always endeavored to cultivate outstanding alumni and produce quality research.

Our education emphasizes not absorption of knowledge, but the ability to reason logically. We also believe that students' learning experience should not be limited to only classrooms or textbooks. We have therefore developed very close relations with industry, which offers our students the opportunity of corporate visits, internship, and of learning vis-a-vis a series of guest lectures by experts in the field of economics and industry.

Fu Jen University is a comprehensive university, offering 50 disciplines. Students are encouraged to take a second major or a minor field of study. Students who study in our department with an open-mind and serious learning attitude are sure to experience a rich and fulfilling university life.

Fu Jen Catholic University also has many partner universities around the world which provide many overseas exchange opportunities. We happily welcome students from overseas to spend a semester in our program to experience Taiwanese culture, as well as the many advantages of our university.