EYON International Currency Lab

With the increasing importance of international capital movements, the study of exchange rate fluctuation and its implication on all aspects of economy is getting more important for a small open economy like Taiwan. The demand for talents in international finance has increased significantly to match the pace of globalization. In order to train students to perform with excellence in international economics and finance, the Department established "EYON International Currency Laboratory" in 2005 with the sponsorship of our distinguished alumnus, Mr. Charles C. Y. Chen, and his Chen-Yung Foundation.

Students taking finance related courses such as "Money and Banking," "International Economics," "Foreign Exchange Trading and Derivatives," and "Futures and Options" avail themselves of the simulated trading system or related software provided by the currency laboratory to acquire hands-on experience in the markets that they are studying.

Working with several sponsors from Taiwan's finance industry, each year the currency lab organizes a virtual investment competition tournament. The tournament is open to all college students in Taiwan. It offers participants an opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn in class. The participants learn to absorb economic and business news, and ponder strategies necessary in the trading of foreign exchanges. They also learn to work as a team.